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Since 2006, we’ve been serving the essential flavours of the Classic Thai cuisine with the same quality of service in its original taste in the historic Beyoğlu - Pera district of Istanbul.

Traditional Techniques and Local Ingredients

Our menu features a wide range of authentic delicious Thai dishes, freshly prepared with traditional techniques and local ingredients. Our friendly staff are readily available and joyfully eager to help you through your desire to find the perfect dish to suit your taste.

The new menu of Çok Çok Thai combines the best of Thai cuisines with a wide range of flavours whilst providing alternatives for every demanding palate.

Experience the Authentic Flavours of Thailand

Enjoy classic Thai dishes like green and red Thai curries, bursting with aromatic herbs and spices. From savoury Pad Thai to tangy Tom Yum soup, our menu offers a delightful selection of beloved Thai favorites.

A Charming Addition to Beyoğlu’s Cultural District

At night, the restaurant radiates warm light that shines through the street, adding charm to the historic and cultural district of Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

This year we were prestigiously and honourably listed in the Michelin Guide thanks to our Executive Chef Nutjarin Plasri who have spent her years representing and mastering Thai cuisine.

We are also recognized “Thai Select Restaurant” by The Royal Thai Government Ministry of Trade and in addition to been selected as the Best Non-European Restaurant in Turkey by a selective gourmet.

At night, the restaurant radiates warm light onto the street, adding charm to this historical and cultural district of Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

Thai House-Inspired Facade with a Contemporary Twist

The carefully crafted architectural facade takes inspiration from the Traditional Thai House, but with a twist – built by the Istanbul shipbuilding industry, in mild steel and glass, gives the place a contemporary look.